Dental services for middle age and older

As we age, lifestyle choices, stress, and diet have a greater effect on our teeth.

Good teeth provide the ability to enjoy a range of nutritious foods and the foods we like to eat.

Maintaining bite function and aesthetics can help to reduce the effects of age as well as aiding digestion and general health.

The good news is that there are now many options available, aside from dentures, for older people.

If necessary, resin veneers or porcelain veneers offer very effective options for maintaining and restoring older teeth.

In order to repair old fillings or teeth that have cracked or broken, dental (teeth) bridges, teeth crowns or caps are also common procedures that provide great results for our middle aged and older patients.

With Melbourne’s ageing population, the need for dentures and tooth implants among some of our patients is not uncommon.

We also provide a full range of options and support services to meet their very individual needs.