Children’s dental services

We are proud to say that kids love coming to see us. A child’s first check-up is important and we prefer to establish rapport and trust by spending a lot of time making them feel at home.

There is never any pressure to do any dental work if a child feels apprehensive. Our goal for all children who start with the practice is to avoid the need for major dental treatment for a good thirty years of their life.

We avoid fillings by applying fissure seals in areas of the teeth where there is a high likelihood of decay. If an anaesthetic is required, we can numb them up without them even knowing so injections are pain free.

Procedures are always explained to parents who are directly involved in setting up their child’s long-term dental health care plan.

Teenagers’ dental services

Teenagers can avoid most dental problems but good brushing and flossing is their biggest challenge. We educate teenagers about good oral hygiene and reversing early decay lesions to avoid fillings.

If teenagers need help with cleaning, regular appointments and advice from our oral hygienist is also available, and the additional scale and clean will go a long way to avoiding costly dental treatment in the future.

Misaligned or crooked teeth or trauma is common among teenagers. In addition to braces, parents have a number of cost effective corrective procedures available through the Clinic.

For wisdom teeth, we offer a variety of treatments that can ease discomfort, well before the need for extraction as a last option.


Dentistry for Children

Dentistry for Teenagers