Dentistry for young adults

For young adults the most common question is how can I have a whiter, brighter, or straighter smile. Overnight teeth whitening procedures at Signature Dentistry are safe and effective.

Our teeth whitening procedures reduce sensitivity while allowing you to choose the level of whiteness best suited to your complexion.

We provide orthodontic corrective solutions to suit a variety of individual needs. While wired braces are the gold standard, where appropriate, we also provide Invisalign™ and Inman Aligners™ as cost effective alternatives in many cases.

We offer regular visits and pre-travel check-ups to avoid costly procedures such as root canal treatments or complications while away from home or travelling overseas.

Dentistry for adults aged 31–40

For adults, preventing further wear and tear is a high priority. We offer many options to help you maintain functional bite and a youthful aesthetic smile.

Specifically trained in dental hygiene, our hygienist is meticulous and spends time helping you understand the areas you are missing when brushing and flossing, and how you can get the best results.

Replacing or repairing old dentistry, screening for cracks around older fillings, and applying resins to reverse wear and tear or the effects of teeth grinding (Bruxism), are just some of the choices available.

Alongside teeth whitening, replacing amalgams with tooth coloured fillings is also a common request among our adult patients.