Bite reconstruction and oral rehabilitation

There are many forms of bite reconstruction and oral rehabilitation that involve aesthetic and functional dentistry. We often see patients who have lost teeth due to decay or trauma; or with injured or fractured teeth.

Other problems can include severely worn teeth or people suffering from headaches and pain around the jaw and muscle, which require adjustments to the bite.

Our approach to bite reconstruction and oral rehabilitation is minimally invasive.

This means that we do not touch your healthy teeth and work to establish a more harmonic bite with fillings and occlusal splints used at night to help realign the jaw, rather than major procedures.

Treatments can also involve crowns, bridges and veneers, and periodontal and orthodontic work for younger and older patients to restore full function to the teeth.

For our adult patients who are looking for reassurance and a better bite function, we offer a range of services such as a full mouth makeover or rehabilitation so you can enjoy the foods you like without fear of pain or other problems.