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Root Canal

Preventative Treatment for Tooth Infections

Root Canal Treatment Symptoms

Pain-free Root Canal Treatment By The Most Trusted Endodontist In Melbourne

Root canal treatment is only required when the nerve and the blood vessels within your tooth becomes infected.

This treatment will prevent you from losing your tooth by removing the infection before it causes health complications.

Root canal treatment if indicated when the nerve and blood supply within the tooth becomes infected, irreversibly inflamed or simply dies.

Root canal treatment essentially involves painlessly removing the dead or dying nerve other remnants from the inside of the tooth, disinfecting the tooth and then placing a biocompatible filling material inside the tooth.

If left untreated the ensuing toothache is debilitating.

Root Canal Melbourne
Infection of the tooth can be caused by many things, such as trauma to the tooth, untreated tooth decay, cracks and chips or repeated dental procedures.

Symptoms of a tooth infection can include intense pain, swelling of the tooth and gums or other visible signs of injury or sensitivity to temperature.

It is important that a correct assessment of the tooth is conducted to ensure that the treatment will not only be successful but also the tooth remains functional after treatment.

Dr Somana utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology to perform root canal treatment.

To ensure the root is properly disinfected Dr Somana uses a specialized dental microscope to magnify and help clean the tooth.

Root canal treatment is often performed in one or two visits and is dependent on the number of roots that particular tooth has.

A filling or crown over the tooth will be required to help return the tooth to its original function.

Is Root Canal Treatment Safe?

Numerous internet articles and there is even a so-called documentary on Netflix claiming adverse health effects from root canals, despite years of research proving otherwise.

Many of these claims are based on hearsay and unsubstantiated theories that have zero scientific basis.

They’ve been thoroughly debunked by the most credible sources, supported by unbiased peer reviewed research projects.

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