Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dental Services

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Relieve Your Pain Fast With Emergency Dentistry

Are you in pain caused by a tooth or other dental issue?

Contact Signature Dentistry for our emergency dental services.

Dr Somana and team deliver emergency dental care you in your time of need.

If you have a dental emergency please feel contact our office for friendly caring assessment and help over the phone and most importantly an appointment.

If your emergency happens after hours, our answering machine will provide you with our emergency contact information.

An emergency appointment will allow for a thorough assessment leading to the correct diagnosis and treatment that is best suited to your needs and the long-term health of your teeth.

Emergency Dental Services Melbourne
Our emergency care is taken very seriously and we have systems in place to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

Below you will find helpful information regarding certain dental emergencies.

Dr Somana and team will do their best to attend to same-day emergency appointments and help take care of your dental issue before it becomes a serious health problem.

Common dental emergencies we address include:

Loss of Tooth

Follow the steps below to manage a tooth that has fallen or has been knocked out.

Then call our office immediately after.

  1. Handle the tooth very carefully but be sure not to touch or wipe off the root of the tooth.
  2. Clean the tooth using saline or milk. Do not scrub or attempt to clean the root.
  3. If possible, place the tooth back into its original location in the mouth.
  4. If you’re not able to place the tooth back into the mouth store the tooth in saline or milk and bring it to your appointment.

Chipped and Fractured Teeth

Chipped teeth that doesn’t cause pain is not considered an urgent dental emergency that needs to be attended to immediately.

If you chip a tooth, contact our office and we will assess the urgency and schedule a time to be assessed and treated.

Fractured or cracked teeth that cause pain or significant discomfort are considered a dental emergency.

If you are in pain or have a large, visible fracture on a tooth, contact us as soon as possible.

We will be able to triage you over the phone and help you get out of immediate pain and make an appointment to see Dr. Kasen as soon as possible.

Swelling & Toothache

If you have a toothache or visible swelling associated with a toothache, call our office and make an appointment as soon as possible. In the meantime, the following steps may help alleviate the pain:

  1. Rinse with warm salt water to dislodge any food debris.
  2. Clean the area around the tooth with gentle brushing and flossing if the site is not too painful.
  3. Do not place aspirin at the site of the toothache. This may cause an ulcer on your gums and cheeks thus exacerbating the condition.
  4. Apply a cold pack on the outside of the cheek.

Cuts (Lacerations) to the Gum, Cheeks or Lips

For cuts (lacerations), the following steps should be taken to minimize risk of pain or infection.

  1. Rinse the area thoroughly with warm salt water.
  2. With gauze, apply firm, gentle pressure for 15 minutes.
  3. Apply a cold compress to the outside of the affected area to control bruising and swelling.

If you are bleeding excessively and you can’t control it contact us immediately or visit your local hospital emergency department.

Lost Crown

If you lose or dislodge your crown, call our office immediately.

Try and clean both your tooth and the crown using warm water.

Remember to store the crown in a safe place and to bring it to your emergency appointment.

Often if the tooth is clean and decay free and the crown is intact, we can recement your crown with minimal fuss or associated costs.

Remember the sooner you get emergency dental treatment, the higher your chances of saving your tooth.

If you have a dental emergency, please call our office on 9826 1338, Dr. Kasen will be happy to schedule a consultation with you and discuss your options and get you out of pain.