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Dentistry for Kids & Childrens Dentist Melbourne

It is so important to start your child’s dental visit on the right foot.

That is why the team at Signature Dentistry, take the time to ease your child into their first dental treatment appointment.

Dr Kasen is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Melbourne that understands the importance of your child’s dental health.

Your Caring Dentist Melbourne

We do not place any expectations or conditions on your child and let them explore and learn about their teeth in a non-invasive dental appointment.

Dr Kasen and team do this to ensure they leave a positive psychological imprint to confidently attend all their future dental care appointments.

It is Dr Kasen’s dream to ensure all children avoid decay and dental fillings.

Paediatric Dentist Melbourne
Without proper attention and or awareness for oral health tooth decay can start begins at an early age.

Nearly 50% of children between the ages of 2-11 have tooth decay.

Major factors that contribute to this problem are babies going to bed with baby formula with added sugar, heavily-sugared fruit juices cordial and even in some cases soft drinks.

Dental care and oral health concerns for baby teeth should begin as soon as the first tooth appears.

These first few teeth can be cleaned with a damp gauze or a damp soft baby facecloth.

Signature Dentistry recommends that you bring your child in for a dental care exam when he or she is about 2 years old.

Contact us for your child’s dental treatment needs.

Regular six-month dental care exams from then on will put kids on a similar schedule to most adults.

We can monitor your child for dental care health whilst keeping you abreast of any changes.

Tips from Melbourne Children Dentists

As a parent, we know you want the very best for your child and their oral health. Here are some tips to help prevent tooth decay, even before their first dental care visit:

  1. After every feed and especially before your child goes to sleep always remember to flush their teeth with water or wipe the teeth down with a damp gauze or soft face cloth. If left uncleaned, milk or formula feeds will leave a residue on the teeth that can promote decay.
  2. Begin brushing as soon as the first tooth appears. Even a small piece of tooth showing can develop a cavity. Start by brushing with a soft bristled brush and water and speak to the team at Signature Dentistry regarding when to start using toothpaste as well as the type of toothpaste and flavour.
  3. Once your child is old enough to begin brushing on his or her own, continue to monitor their brushing, going back to clean any areas they may have missed.
  4. Don’t give bottles of sugary drinks or milk before bedtime.
  5. Use a straw when consuming sugary beverages.
  6. Try to limit the overall sugary foods in your child diet.

Signature Dentistry is your premier children’s dentistry practice that specializes in dental treatments.

If you think your child or baby needs an expert children’s dental care and would like to make an appointment, contact Dr Kasen or fill out our online appointment form and a member of our staff will be more than happy to help you.