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Braces Melbourne

For Better Teeth Alignment

The Benefits of Braces

The most common question parents have of their child’s or teenagers is to ask if they require orthodontic treatment.

If the teeth are mal-positioned or poorly aligned, we often recommend an early intervention to establish a better growth pattern and a faster alignment.

We provide a specific orthodontic consultation for parents who have children with poorly-aligned teeth before embarking on any treatment.

By far the gold standard treatment for poorly-aligned teeth are fixed braces for teenagers as they are still regarded as providing the most comprehensive adjustment.

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There are other alternatives, but braces are the best option for the long term. Once a patient has their braces fitted, we recommend that they come in for a quarterly clean with our hygienist.

It is very difficult to keep everything pristinely clean around the wires and the brackets that are attached to their teeth where decay can occur.

A visit every 4-months will help them maintain their teeth and braces for the duration of the treatment. We also teach our patients about proper brushing and flossing techniques.